Hugh R. Phillis, DMD, PA, Orthodontist, Nashua, NH

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"I came here and both of my children come here for braces, and everyone is wonderful! Wouldn't change anything. Keep up the fabulous job! You are the best!" K.P. 6/25/19

"I have never met a kid who went to Dr. Phillis who didn't end up with a perfect, beautiful smile." Anon. 05/01/19

"Office staff and Dr. Phillis went over and above in providing excellent service. It was perfect!" G.T. 04/15/19

"Professional and caring. Very knowledgeable!" P.G. 02/19/19

(5 stars) Highly recommended!

"From the beginning to end everything was explained in detail. The staff and Dr. Phillis were always very professional and friendly. My teeth look so beautiful. It was also a bonus that I finished my treatment earlier then expected! Thank you Dr. Phillis for my perfect smile." C.B. 08/18/18

(5 stars) Highly recommended!

My teeth and smile look beautiful, thanks to Dr. Phillis and his team! I went to Dr. Phillis because of his training and knowledge of the field of orthodontics. It is very obvious that he genuinely cares about his patients. Dr. Phillis and his staff did an outstanding job explaining the treatment protocols and what to expect going forward with my adult braces. I would highly recommend Dr. Phillis for orthodontic treatment. He is also affordable and fair. Dr. Phillis and his whole team always made me feel like I was their most important patient. Everyone in the office is very personable, professional, and kind. I had a great experience with my treatment! This is the BEST place to go for treatment. I travelled over an hour to his office and it was well worth it! Thank you, Dr. Phillis and staff, for a wonderful experience and my beautiful smile! " — J.S.  01/10/2018

Overall Experience Comfortable Recommending to Family and Friends

Customer service is exceptional. Always there to help!” — K.C. 12/06/17

“You guys are the best orthodontist and office staff and professionals. We are grateful.” — C.N. 08/23/17

“Great team of people who care, which is hard to find. Thank you!” — P.H. 04/05/17

Positive experience, experience improving health, got the explanations I needed. I can’t think of any areas that need improvement.” — J.P. 05/02/16

“Friendly staff and very knowledgeable and comforting. Thank you, you are all great!” — L.C. 01/18/16

Every aspect of your service is exceptional. Exceeded expectations - off the charts. I love all the events you hold for the kids, the guessing game ‘how many’ jar is always at the office, and the good box at the end. You make the whole experience for the kids (and the parents) exceptional. You are all truly one of a kind!” —L.M. 2012-2015

(5 stars) We won’t go anywhere else!
“After several years of treatment with Dr. Phillis and his team, we just can’t say enough about the amazing doctor and staff! They are friendly, professional, and extremely efficient. Their knowledge is unsurpassed. Everyone always has a smile (and a beautiful one at that!), and an awesome attitude. Really. Most importantly, over the seven years we have been in treatment with him, Dr. Phillis’s staff has remained the same! That, in itself, speaks volumes—wouldn’t you say?” — C.B. 10/17/2013

(5 stars) Great attention to patients
“We arrived 15 minutes early for our appointment. Instead of having to sit in the waiting room until the appointment time, the staff took my son in early and we were back headed to his school earlier than expected. Great customer service!!” — S.M. 9/19/2013

(5 stars) THANK YOU!
“Going to the dentist can be a negative experience, but not here! Max is looking forward to braces and understands what he needs to do in the meantime. THANK YOU!” — M.A. 8/17/2013

(5 stars)
“Have had very pleasant experiences every visit. Thank you, Dr. Phillis, for simple and easy explanations. — C.D. 7/24/2013

(5 stars) Exceptional treatment!
“As a hygienist, I see many patients in treatment and ones who are finished…. I have to say, I am extremely pleased with the results! All my patients have nothing but great things to say about the office ... clean, friendly, and professional! — Anon. 7/26/2013

(5 stars)
“Have had very pleasant experiences every visit. Thank you, Dr. Phillis, for simple and easy explanations.” — B.D. 6/24/2013

(5 stars) Outstanding skill, professionalism, and atmosphere
“Both of my sons have been treated by Dr. Phillis for a few years now. I find them to be unerringly professional and friendly. Everything from a treatment plan to billing is explained clearly. We never feel rushed (and they rarely run late), and always leave confident in the treatment the boys receive. The staff’s patience, professionalism, and friendly, relaxed attitude are the icing on the cake.” — C.F. 6/27/2013

(5 stars) Amazing
“Amazing service and staff. I have two children here currently and always have been pleased!!” — M.M. 6/12/2013

(5 stars)
“Great experience! Very professional and timely appointment. I feel confident that my children are in great hands here! Thank you!” — R.S. 3/8/2013

(5 stars) Grateful 
“I’m grateful that Dr. Phillis’s office is professional and friendly. They are knowledgeable and skilled, but they also remember that you are a human being and treat you with kindness. Those two don’t always go together.” — R.K. 2/28/13

(5 stars) Relaxed and Confident in Dr. Phillis and Team
“Any time I have something done with my teeth, I get very nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect at Dr. Phillis’s office. After my consultation, I am so excited to get my teeth taken care of here. I feel so comfortable and relaxed by how professional and friendly everyone is. Thank you for taking away the stress I have experienced with other orthodontists! I recommend this team to everyone!” — S.A. 2/13/2013

Over 50 and in braces
“It was the outstanding staff in this office that kept me on track to accomplish treatment. I will never forget the patient and caring people that served me. If I can accomplish straight teeth, anybody can do it with this office.” — L.K. 2/6/2013

You guys are AWESOME!
“I am always so grateful for the excellent work that Dr. Phillis and team have done for me. It was money well spent; I never regret it for one minute! My bite and smile are so much better, and I get compliments all the time. The staff is very friendly, professional, and accommodating.” — K.W. 1/25/2013

Dr. Phillis changed my life
“Now 52, at 43 years of age I decided to finally get a smile I could be proud of. I went to Dr. Phillis to see what he could do. His work changed my life. Rather than shying away from smiling like I used to, now I smile all the time, knowing that my teeth look great. What a confidence builder. In fact, I felt so good I ran for political office and won! People now comment on what a great smile I have. On another note, shortly after having my braces put on, I learned that I was going to be deployed to Iraq and that I would not be able to keep my braces on while there (military regulations). Dr. Phillis removed my braces before going to Iraq and replaced them when I returned, all at no extra cost to me. He’s a stand-up guy as well as an amazing orthodontist. I should also mention that he did all the orthodontia work for both of my daughters, who now have amazing smiles as well. In fact, one of my daughters enjoyed the experience so much that she has wanted to be an orthodontist ever since Dr. Phillis first put braces on her. How’s that for patient satisfaction?” — C. G. L.

(5 stars) Honest and advanced
“Dr. Phillis has never recommended braces for my children. My daughter has worn nothing more than a night-time retainer for several years, and my son just saw Dr. Phillis for the first time and was judged not to need treatment for at least another year, if at all. How many practitioners are that honest? He uses up-to-date technology, answers all my questions about X-rays, medications, etc., and clearly has substantial medical knowledge beyond his own practice.” — T. F.

(5 stars) Braces 10/10/2012
“Dr. Phillis took the time to explain the issues with my daughter’s teeth and gave me a couple of ways to continue with the process. I felt like it was a team decision, and Dr. Phillis would have worked with whatever decision we made for her. Thank you for your time, careful diagnosis, and team approach.” — T.A.

(5 stars) Three Times a Charm!  10/25/2012
“Over the past 12 years, all three of my daughters have had their orthodontic care provided by Dr. Phillis. They have always received comments on their beautiful smiles. My oldest, in fact, was designated ‘Most Beautiful Smile’ out of 400+ students in her high school yearbook. How’s that for an unbiased endorsement! THANK YOU, Dr. Phillis!” — S.H.